the stryker brothers



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ATTENTION: If you possess information that would aid us in locating, identifying or further piecing together the lives of Coal & Flynt Stryker, please contact Mary Lambau immediately at or via phone at (575) 224-1454.

In July 2018, a Texas ranch owner confirmed finding music written and recorded by Coal and Flynt Stryker, a mythical duo rumored to have died in a prison fire on September 7, 1974.

For decades, The Stryker Brothers have only been the topic of local folklore. The confirmation of their existence through this find has locals asking: “What really happened to Coal and Flynt?”

Rancher Mary Lambau says, “This property has been in my family for years and selling it wasn’t ever part of my plan, but with times as tough as they’ve been I had to find out its worth. That’s what started it all.” 

Mary asked a real estate investor to survey the land last June. When they got to the burned-out building sitting on the corner of the lot, they made an interesting discovery in the basement — a vault containing a trunk, inside of which were photos of The Highwaymen, a letter to astronaut Charlie Duke, prison intake forms for Coal and Flynt and a set of original, reel-to-reel tapes.

The tapes have been digitally converted into a 13-song album, Burn Band, available to the public on Friday, September 7, 2018.