Parker McCollum



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Parker McCollum comes from a no-nonsense, hard-working family. His was the sort of upbringing where “if you’re going to do something and you’re not going to do it one-hundred percent; you shouldn’t do it all.” It’s why this 26-year-old treats each song he writes with a painstaking level of dedication, reverence, and — as he readily admits — even a bit of obsession.

Parker says when a particular melody, lyric or emotion tugs at him he might stay in his room for days working on it. He can’t help himself.

That’s because, for the Austin-based singer, songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist, the result is worth the painstaking process. Parker — who broke out with the revealing and critically adored 2013 debut The Limestone Kid and returned with the acclaimed Probably Wrong — says, “It’s like the songwriting muse takes over. I don’t choose when it hits me, but when it does, I pay attention — and it’s always worth the focus it asks of me.“

“‘The whole package’… handsome and confident, but not pretentious… talented and smart, yet still humble. He’s an old soul with a laid-back Austin vibe and can write a heartbreak song that is sure to strike a chord with anyone who has ever loved and lost. Wrap that up with a slightly mischievous smile, a tucked-in t-shirt and a mamma-raised-him-right ‘yes ma’am,’ and you have one of the hottest new acts in country music.”

— Postcards Magazine