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A voracious live performer
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Seeing Drake White and The Big Fire live is a far-from ordinary concert experience. Part Muscle Shoals groove, part honky tonk grease, with the soul of Ray Charles and the ramble of Roger Miller, and all under the big-tent spirit of a revival. All comers are welcome, and those who do — affectionately known as the FireStarters — are the spark to Drake's charismatic fuse.

"There's a Huckleberry Finn-type freedom to the live show and the studio is a continuation of that freedom,” Drake says with his rich, glowing Alabama drawl. “Being in the booth around innovators and experimenting with different sounds is extremely fulfilling to me. Whether folks are listening to a record or at a live gig, I just want the music to inspire and evoke feeling.”

But for Drake, playing music doesn't begin or end when he's onstage or in the studio. It's informed by every moment of his life, whether he's fishing, paddle boarding, building a barn, or spending time with his wife, Alex. A lover of nature and a boundless traveller, he's as happy camping in Montana as he is tilling the earth at his home in Tennessee. All of it helps fuel his larger mission to be present and to live fully in the moment...

White’s soul-infused brand of country music undoubtedly stands out within the industry’s often formula-driven landscape these days
— Chicago Sun-Times