You Get What You Give

Monroe Harding Yoga Opportunity Passport Wed Feb 14, 2018.png

Last week I spoke to a great group of kids at Monroe Harding’s “Youth Connections,” which serves youth who are abused, abandoned, neglected and even homeless. 

I was there to invite them to attend free, weekly yoga classes that’d offer an hour of reprieve from their daily fight-or-flight level stress.

Kids who are in and out of foster care are good kids stuck in bad circumstances. Their worlds are inconsistent and they’ve been let down by just about everyone. They want to make something of themselves — they just need someone to meet them halfway.

I’m not a therapist. I’m a branding guru who found peace in yoga and got certified to teach it.

How can YOU help? 

Review your resources. Mine was yoga. What's yours?

Maybe you cut hair? Can you offer a free haircut to a kid who otherwise couldn’t afford one?

If you run a business, would you hire a foster kid or offer an internship?

Can you make time to play basketball or help with homework? 

These kids need minimum resources: a home, medical care, and the opportunity to work and go to school — but they also need to know someone is in their corner. And guess what — YOU can be their light. 

Will you join me in meeting a kid halfway? 

Just visit Project Meet Me Halfway for more details on now to dive in or to ask specific questions about opportunities in your area, and for a look inside the mind of a foster kid, please read “Walk To Beautiful,” by Jimmy Wayne.