type-a? no way!


I've been told all my life I'm "Type-A," but that's simply not true. Sure, I'm goal oriented, competitive, and a leader who loves charging the hill for worthy causes and for my clients, but, the real me — the "me" in my natural habitat — is a colorful and creative, free spirit. 

There's a faucet of melodies, pictures, and story ideas pouring into my mind and heart ... all ... the... time. (I even keep a notebook by my bed because writing things down helps me sleep.)

Don't get me wrong — I’m grateful I learned the art of "gettin' it done," but if I let the go-getter in me be "on" all the time, I'll burn out.

I used to feel guilty about stopping to breathe, sleep in, or even take a lunch break. I quickly realized that running so hard without stopping to rest wasn't just bad for me — it was taking my eyes off the goals I'd been aiming for.

I learned from one of my mentors, Joe Galante, to take time to evaluate how a plan is working so money, time and other important resources are used wisely.

This is critical in business and in life. 

After my first case of corporate burnout, I decided to make a life change. I "cleared the decks" and started saying "no" to everything I didn't need to do. I bought a day planner and scheduled time for self care, whether it was praying or a long walk or sleeping in on Saturdays.  I literally scheduled time for rest and quiet.

This is also when I started my yoga practice. The hour on my mat reminds me that, while the world matters, so do I.

Epiphany anyone?

Yep ... that thought process changed everything.

In the same timeframe, I started journaling. Like yoga, it helped me focus. I saw patterns I needed to break and areas I needed to shore up. I was also able to balance my “left and right brained-ness."  These two practices reminded me that I’m not a robot, but a colorful and creative free-spirit.

Some say that yoga — the union of movement and breath — is like a dance. That said, if I can't get to my mat or only have a few minutes because "life happens” — I dance!

Sometimes in the kitchen with Jimmy softly singing one of his beautiful melodies in my ear, or in the rain all by myself, or maybe it's a full-on rave set to whatever goofy song is in my head at the time.

Whatever your groove, the important thing is to step out of the routine and step into the moment. Breathe it in. Protect that three minutes and just BE. 

Today I danced — and you can too.  Make time for yourself. Schedule it in. Even if it's just three minutes, you'll reap the benefits of being present. 

#TakeCareOfYou #FromTheMatUp #MandukaYoga

"Shine" was written and recorded by Jimmy Wayne