A reminder that giving is the blessing.

No idea who took this picture, but THANK YOU! In one moment it captured the blessings of an entire week.  

I’ll never forget how it felt to wash the tiny feet of children orphaned by Haiti’s earthquake and its aftermath.  (As you’ll recall, this earthquake killed more than a quarter of a million people and struck Jan. 8, 2010.)

The feet of these children were covered in scars, cuts and callouses. Also, many of the kids’ arches had fallen because they hadn’t worn shoes in more than a year.

As a group of us washed, dried and fitted each child for new, clean socks and a new pair of shoes, we talked with, or sang to, each sweet child. 

Every one of these little ones approached with caution but I had a breakthrough when, by accident, I tickled the bottom of a little girl’s foot and she erupted in high-pitched giggles. 

Her laughter was so infectious that it caused the kids and adults around us to laugh as well.

That was Day 1 of a week-long trip that offered everything from sadness to joy, and opened my heart and eyes to the beauty of Haiti and it’s resilient people. A big shoutout to my friend Christine Maddela, who encouraged me to go on this missions trip. These kids and this country changed my world.