Red Carpets: What to consider the next time you tune in

While the world seems to be celebrating the CMA show, I want to point to some often forgotten people — the ones who work hard for an hourly wage to feed their kids. The people who make sure the red carpet is vacuumed before any artist steps foot onto it. The people who have zero ego while picking up trash tossed by some new male duo wearing bedazzled jackets someone told them looked good. The ticket takers who aren’t given eye contact or a “thank you.” The humble woman who is raising her grandchildren on three part-time jobs ... the people in these roles rarely ever get acknowledged for their hard work.

As you watch the all the coverage this Awards Season, please think of these folks you’ll never, ever see. Pray that they get to their cars safely after the event, that they are treated with respect and they make enough to keep their heat and lights on and their children fed.

Love and Light. 

PS: The people I personally work with are respectful and kind. They over-tip and open doors for everyone, no matter what that person’s role. (And yes — I’ve declined work and resigned jobs after seeing how a company leader or an artist treats their teams, family or the person picking up trash at a venue. Integrity and respect matter.)