Dream big. Dream out loud.

“Go ahead. I’m listening. Dream big. Dream out loud.”  - Mom

I received a call last month from an artist I worked with more than 20 years ago when I was a brand new record label publicist. 

It was a joy to catch up with her. She’s happily married with two beautiful little boys and sounded like sunshine. 

I asked how I could help her.  Her reply?  “I just wanted to thank you.” 

“For what?” I asked. 

“For helping me realize where I needed to be,” she said. 

She reminded me of a conversation we had very early in her career — about a week before I wrote her first bio. She said, “Jackie — that was the first time anyone had ever asked me what I wanted. It was the first time I felt anyone had listened to me.” 

I couldn’t believe it. 

“You were interviewing me, and you said: ‘Go ahead. I’m listening. Dream big. Dream out loud.’" 

It struck me that she was recalling the very words my mom would say to me to encourage ideas and vision when I was growing up. 

The artist said she'd held on to those words while navigating her professional and personal life and was even passing the idea of “dreaming big” on to her kids. 

That phone call was a moment I’ll never forget because it reinforced just how much words and actions influence people.

The takeaway? Listen first and lead with love. You never know what your actions or words will influence.