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August 14, 2018 - Angaleena Presley Announces Pregnancy
During This Weekend’s Pistol Annies Set in Dallas

January 8, 2018 - Angaleena Presley Earns International Praise for "Wrangled"

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April 26, 2017 - Saving Country Music

April 20, 2017 - Nashville Scene

April 19, 2017 - USA Today/AP

April 7, 2017 - Vice/Noisey



Release Date: 4/21/17


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If “Cat on a Hot Tin Roof”/”Butterfield 8”-era Elizabeth Taylor and David Lynch had a baby, and Wanda Jackson was her babysitter, the result would be Angaleena Presley. Strong as jalapeno juice, capable of standing down a twister and a drunk redneck on a tilt, she maintains a reverence for songs, unvarnished truth, be who you are dignity and a brazen sense of “oh, yeah.”

With Wrangled, the ebony haired songwriter from Beauty, Kentucky ups the bar on her critically acclaimed American Middle Class by sharpening her focus, widening her range and finding metaphors and doppelgangers for feminism, the music business and the unseen underclass who’s just trying to get by. But as thrilling as that is, Wrangled also opens a portal into a new kind of country: textural, trippy, frozen in time, urgent, tranquil, but then raw punk and rural.