Giving Back


Monroe Harding

For over 120 years, Monroe Harding has had a singular mission: changing young people’s lives.  Monroe Harding makes the dreams of young people not just dreams, but realities by creating opportunities for them.

We provide the basics: food, clothing and shelter. But young people, especially those in state custody or foster care, need more than that. So Monroe Harding serves every need. We provide foster homes, group living, mentoring, relationship-building skills, safety and structure, encouragement, spiritual formation, life skills training, education, job placement, and more. This gives every young person the opportunity to live a whole, happy and independent life.

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Project Meet Me Halfway

Years ago, homeless children were shipped across the country on “orphan trains” to find new families and new homes. Older children had a particularly difficult time and despite advances in the foster care system, many of these teens fare no better today than they did more than a century ago.

Today, teens who “age out” of foster care can find themselves alone, with no home, no family, and no support system. Jail, pregnancy, violence and even death are the harsh realities for many of these homeless youths.

Project Meet Me Halfway, a 501 c 3 charitable organization, is dedicated to bringing awareness to the plight of these at-risk kids and building transitional homes for them.